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The Office of  Research & consultancy Cell (ORCC) since its inception in 2012 is progressing very well and providing specialized administrative and managerial support for the operation of in-house & sponsored research, consultancy and other R&D related activities of the M. S. University of Baroda. The Office of Research and Consultancy Cell (RCC) is facilitating interaction with external agencies, both national and international. It is committed to promote and manage University-Industry interactions and all externally funded research and development projects (except Government agencies) as well as patents & Copy Rights. The Office is acting as a liaison between the University and Industrial funding agency to undertake sponsored projects.

The Office of the Research and Consultancy Cell  (ORCC) is headed by Prof. D.K.Kanchan, Director, Research and Consultancy Cell, The office is responsible for the management of the following activities: 

Ø University Sponsored Projects

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Ø Sponsored Industrial Research Projects

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Ø Industrial Consultancy Projects

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  Current Projects

The read the list of Industrials sponsored projects and university supported projects for the current year 2015-18, please follow the link below

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