Research and Consultancy Cell

The Maharaja sayajirao university of baroda

General Rules

Research and Consultancy Cell has been established in the University to promote and coordinate research , consultancy-related activities, Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) and University Sponsored Research Projects vide Syndicate Resolution No. 22, dated 31-8-2012 and passed by the Senate Ordinace No. O.296. Director shall be the Head of the Research and Consultancy Cell and shall be appointed by the Syndicate on recommendation of the Standing Committee. The term of the Director shall be three years and can be extended for another term of three years. The rank and powers of the Director shall be of such as specified in O.31.

The honorarium payable to the Director and readjustment of his workload for smooth and effective functioning of the Cell shall be fixed from time to time by the Vice-Chancellor.




 Norms, Scope of Functions and Financial Modalities of the Research and Consultancy Cell